What is a good internet speed for gaming?

internet speed

There are many different things to factor in when looking for the best internet speeds for gaming. The first obviously being speeds. With many different providers offering many different speeds, how would one know which to choose from? That is what this is here to do: help out those who aren’t sure where to look or not sure what to pick. You can game on any internet speed, but that doesn’t mean that you’re having fun while doing it. While gaming, slow internet speeds mean lagging and slow download speeds that no one enjoys when trying to have fun playing games. Call Now (855) 701-1789.

A good internet speed for playing games is anything 25 Mbps and above. The bare minimum of 25 Mbps gives you a decent download speed so you can download your games fairly quickly and a good enough internet speed so that you won’t lag while playing your favorite games.

Who provides an internet speed of 25mbps or more?

Mainly, all internet service providers offer some package with 25 Mbps or more internet speeds. The only thing is the prices that come along with them. You don’t want to pay a great amount for that type of speed. A service provider we’ll use as an example is Comlink. Comlink has 3 different packages to choose from with speeds up to 90mbps. That’s almost quadruple the 25 Mbps recommendation! The reason all 3 packages are offering the same speed is that those packages are chosen by which one of them works best in your area and has the best connection.

Why would I want to quadruple the amount of the required speed?

Most people want a super-fast internet speed so that they don’t lag, download games faster, and do several things on the internet at once. Say you have multiple people in your home. If you have a speed of 25 Mbps and you’re trying to game and say your significant other is trying to stream on TV, you both are going to have a hard time. Your game will lag, and their stream will buffer and not load, so having a faster speed in your home makes it easier for everyone.

Say if someone lives alone but has multiple devices connected to the internet, whether that’s a computer, phone, tv, or tablet, that is another reason to have a faster internet speed. All of those devices connected at once means they are all using the internet, so when you’re trying to game, you won’t get the full speed.

What are some tips on how to get the most out of my internet speed?

When gaming, if you’re experiencing a lot of lag but have a decent speed, here are a few tips to reduce the lag.

Pause any and all downloads (Internet speed)

  • If you’re trying to download something while playing an online game, you ask to get lag.
  • Your computer will prioritize the download and cause your online connection to the game’s servers not to be as good.

Disconnect any devices you aren’t using

  • If you have multiple devices that are connected to the internet while you’re trying to game, then disconnect them. For instance, if you’re playing on your computer and your phone, tablet, or Xbox is connected to the internet. Disconnect your phone and tablet and just turn your tv and consoles off. It saves you money on electricity and saves you time so your internet speed on the computer will be faster.

Avoid using the internet during peak hours

  • If one of your neighbors is on the internet at the same time, that can cause your area’s speeds to slow down. This means slow download speeds and connectivity issues. A good example of this is slower internet speeds when you get home from work or school and higher speeds later at night. They’re better at night because not everyone in that specific area is using the internet all at once.

Wrap Up

Finding the best internet speeds to game on can seem challenging, but it’s really simple. Anything above 25 Mbps is a good enough speed to get started. I really recommend Comlink’s service; they have great 5G wireless internet plans available, and it’s something to look into. Especially if you have a family that likes to travel, it’s a great option because it’s 100% mobile. All you need is a socket to plug into, and it’ll connect to the towers just like your cell phone does.

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