Spectrum TV: Everything you need to know about Charter’s television options

Spectrum TV is the television division of Charter Communications. It offers a wide range of cable TV packages for its customers, along with ways to watch TV without cable. Most recently, it started offering semi-exclusive TV shows for its subscribers.

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about Spectrum TV. We will update this article if there are any changes to its plans and services.

What is Spectrum TV?


As stated, Spectrum TV is the TV division of Charter Communications, which also offers internet access, landline phone services, and most recently mobile phone services via Spectrum Mobile. Charter started using the Spectrum brand name for its TV, internet, and phone services in 2014. It is currently the third biggest pay-tv service in the US, behind only AT&T and Comcast. It is available in parts of 41 states.

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Spectrum TV plans


There are a number of different plans, both for people who have a standard cable TV connection at home and for those who want to cut the cord.

Cable TV plans


Spectrum TV offers four main plans for cable TV subscribers. All plans also allow users to access the Spectrum TV app for PCs, mobile devices, and smart TVs, along with thousands of free and paid on-demand TV shows and movies. The specific channel lineup for each plan may differ depending on your location. Other premium channels may be added to each plan for additional fees.

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Ø Choice: All of your local channels, and 10 extras that you can choose from a list of 72 available channels. The plan starts at $34.99 a month.

Ø Select: Over 125 HD channels, starting at $44.99 a month.

Ø Silver: Over 175 HD channels, including HBO, NFL Network, and Showtime, along with free access to the HBO Max streaming service, starting at $74.99 a month.

Ø Gold: Over 200 channels including HBO, NFL Network, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz, and Starz Encore, along with access to the HBO Max streaming service, starting at $94.99 a month.

All of these plans require a set-top box, DVR box, or Cable CARD device connected to your home TV. Customers can also access these channels with the Spectrum TV app. Keep in mind that Charter/Spectrum also offers bundles with internet access, telephone, and mobile service for other rates too. The company also offers cable TV plans specifically for Latino audiences.

Some customers in competitive areas are being offered another non-advertised plan. The Lifestyle plan includes local channels and over 50 other cable channels for $19.95 a month. However, it’s only available if you bundle it with internet service.

Internet-only plans


Internet-only customers can also subscribe to Spectrum TV Stream, which offers all the local TV channels and 25 other cable TV channels for $34.99. Extra channels are available for additional fees. Those same internet-only customers can also choose to pick Spectrum TV Essentials, which offers 62 channels, but no local channels, for $14.99 a month. Both of these plans are only available to stream on PC and the Spectrum TV app for mobile devices and smart TVs.

In addition to providing cable channels from other companies, Charter also offers its own programming in certain markets. Spectrum News offers local news 24 hours a day in 10 US states, including New York City. In addition, Spectrum Sports operates regional sports channels in four US states. That includes New York City, where the channel shows live New York Mets games, and Los Angeles, which shows local LA Lakers and LA Dodgers games.

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