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HughesNet Best Satellite internet!

What makes HughesNet Unique

  • America’s best satellite internet
  • Up to 25 Mbps Download and 3 Mbps Upload Speeds
  • Up to 50 GB flexible data plans
  • Available in 33,131 zip codes across America
  • Exclusive Guest Wi-Fi feature

Unlimited Calling

HughesNet offers a landline service that allows you to have freedom of nationwide unlimited calling. More importantly, you can switch to HughesNet voice with your old number. Get in touch with friends and family. Share yourself, express yourself and talk whenever you want. Furthermore, HughesNet Voice offers several useful standard features, including Call Waiting, Caller ID. It also offers Outbound Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Block.

HughesNet Delivers the Quality

HughesNet interent plans provide high-quality satellite Internet services throughout the United States. Particularly, they deliver high-speed, high-quality broadband connections to rural regions. Furthermore, HughesNet serves many needs traditionally overlooked by other Internet service providers (ISPs). Likewise, HughesNet provides satellite Internet with 99.99% reliability. Moreover, it offers users exceptional phone options with HughesNet Voice. Additionally, a residential VoIP service with thousands of subscribers.


Easy Connectivity

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Faster Speeds

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More Data

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Widely Available

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HughesNet Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my plan data usage?

Through HughesNet Mobile App or myHughesNet. com, you can check your data usage. Login to your account to sign up for text alerts. You will receive a text warning on your mobile phone if you exceed your particular plan’s data limit.

Is HughesNet offerring high-speed Internet in my area?

How HughesNet Gen5 works?

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