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ADT’s Business Security specialists have designed high-quality detection systems that are professionally monitored around the clock to detect and daunt potentially harmful behaviors to your house and business place.

Single-App Control

ADT security system offers an incredible Single-app control that’s more user interactive. ADT Single-App Control makes things easier for you as it is more interactive and user-friendly. Primarily, with the single interactive app, you can keep tabs on your security system. And then get notifications if there’s unusual activity. Moreover, with the ADT security system Single-App Control you can check systems history. If you tap on the clock Icon and check all the activities done recently. Particularly, you can filter different events that happened at your place by date, range, and event type. Therefore, this is what makes ADT home security systems stand above all.

Automated Procedures

Theft Protection Guarantee

Professional Installation

Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ADT offer advanced security features?

ADT monitoring plan and equipment define security system capabilities. Specifically, you can add smoke and CO detectors to an ADT monitoring package. Particularly, from your phone or another device, you can control your security system. Whether you’re at home or out and about. Furthermore, video service levels allow you to set up video surveillance and individual home automation instructions.

Is a landline required with ADT?

There is one landline ADT monitoring plan. Meanwhile, all others use cellular connections to connect your system to one of ADT’s monitoring centers.

Can ADT be installed in a studio apartment?

Yes. ADT can design solutions for tenants. In case, the ADT requires an in-person appointment to inspect your unit before putting together a package.

What is the ADT alarm system?

The ADT alarm system will go off. Triggers include glass breaking, high carbon monoxide levels, motion sensing, and more. Afterward, the alarm goes off, the control panel sends a signal to the monitoring center.

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